Auto Titles

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Auto Titles

Auto titles are titles that will appear in your member's poster detail section automatically when a member has fulfilled the necessary criteria to acquire a title. You -the board owner- decides what those criteria will be. After adding/deleting/changing a title, the changes will appear for each individual member after they have made a new post on the board. Members can have up to 3 titles, moderators can have up to 4 titles and administrators can have up to 5 titles. Auto titles apply to all members, including members who have moderator or administrator status. There are three types of titles: Post count A title is applied when a member reaches a certain amount of posts on the board Membership A title is applied when someone has been a member for a certain amount of months. Points A title is applied when a member has a certain amount of points. These are the total global points for the user, not just the points earned on your board. You could have a brand new user who earns your points title with their first post.All amounts (post count, membership and points) are determined by the board owner. 

Status titles apply to moderators and administrators.

How to add auto titles and status titles. 

All admin actions require that you are signed in with an account that has admin access to the community you wish to manage.
The admin dashboard of your community can be accessed by clicking the "admin" link in the community's navigation bar.

Old UI:

New UI:


Adding Auto Titles

Click Auto Title in the sidebar on the dashboard.


This takes you to the section where you can edit, add and remove auto titles


To add an auto title, click "add new" 


Use the pop-up window to create your title. You can use text and/or images. Click the save button to save the changes. You will be taken back to the auto title page where you can now enter an amount to determine how many posts a person needs in order to gain the title you have added. *Enter post amounts for the post count section, number of months someone has been a member of your domain for membership section and points amount for points section. Click the save button to save the changes.

Adding status titles

To add a status title, click the edit button in the status title section and enter the title. Click the save button to save the changes. 


Changing the name of a title. To change the name of a title, click the edit button located to the right of that title. The pop-up window with the editor will appear. Edit the title. Click the save button to save the changes. Changing the post count/membership/ points  amount. To change an amount in any of the 3 sections, put a new amount in the amount space. Click save to save the changes. Viewing members To view the members who have an auto title on the board, click "view members" next to a particular title. 

Deleting titles To delete a title, click the delete button all the way to the right of the title you wish to delete. When you delete a title, the amounts will adjust. In the screen shot above, should you delete the Yukupolitan title, Yukutrotter's amount would become 100 - 999 posts. 
Using multiple titles. All titles (post count, membership duration, points  count, moderator, administrator) can be used at once. However, be cautious as too many titles could make the poster detail area look confusing. Here is an example of all titles in use. 

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