Changing background behind your category title

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November 22nd, 2016, 7:55 am

How to change background colour behind category titles (written by Arizona)
.boxheading { background: #0000ff; border 1px solid #000; } 
The background could be an image or just a color, and the border you could make disappear by this: 
.boxheading { background: url(http://yourimageurlhere.jpg); border: 0px; } 
If you want some of the heading one background and some another, we can add that also. For example, the boxheadings on the main boxes are called 'community-content boxes' and the ones for the extra boxes are 'extra-content' boxes. 
The main boxes will be your category, forum and topic (discussion) boxes. 
The extras are the legend, stats, toolbox, controlbox and whosonine. 
So if you wanted you main boxheaders one color and your others another you could add this: 
.community-content .boxheading { background: blue; border: 2px solid pink; } 
.extra-content .boxheading { background: orange; border: 3px double black; } 
Of course those are just silly colors so you can see the effect they would have.
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