Conversation starters for your forum

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November 17th, 2016, 5:54 am

Conversation starters for your forum.Some example topics that are great conversation starters:Post a funny or interesting youtube video, embed the video right into your topic so that people can respond.
Post about a recent news headline that is relevant to you community.
Post an excerpt from an interesting blog post or forum similar to yours.  Make sure to give attribution by linking back.
Play 'What's the next line', where you start a new story by typing the first line, and the next person to reply has to add another line to the story.
Post 'Express yourself with a photo', where members can use their own photos or find a photo that would be funny/interesting and start a back-and-forth photo conversation
Start a topic like 'What's the last movie you saw', 'What book are you reading now', ...  Tailor it towards the theme of your community.
Post 'Where are you and tell us something unique about your location' - you'll be surprised to hear where your members are from and what's unique about where they live.
Here's a full list of Conversations Starters in the real-world that also work on forums:
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