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HotlinkingWhat is hotlinking?Hotlinking is when a webpage direct links to another site's images, videos or other media files. (e.g. when you post an image that is stored on another website without uploading it to your own hosting space first)What happens when I hotlink?When you hotlink, you are using someone else's bandwidth. Bandwidth refers to the amount of data that is transferred from a website to someone's computer. Each time someone views the page this image is on, data is being transferred from the site where the image is stored. The owner of that site likely pays for bandwidth. Many hosts will charge extra when too much bandwidth is used. By hotlinking, you are using someone else's bandwidth, hence the term bandwidth theft. Hotlinking is theft. Don't do it.What does switcheroo mean?A switcheroo is when the owner of a hotlinked image switches the image for something different. It is common practice on sites that have many images. The replacement usually varies from a few choice words to an image that can be quite obnoxious and cause a great amount of embarrassement for the hotlinker.There are also other things a website owner can do when (s)he discovers that you are hotlinking. The image could be removed, causing the image you posted to break and display as a red x.Okay I'm seeing an image I want to use, how do I make sure I'm not hotlinking?First, make sure you have permission to use the image. Some sites offer free images, but when in doubt, do ask first.Download the image to your computer. You can do this by right-clicking and saving it to your computer.Upload it to your own hosting space (e.g. photobucket, Yuku image storage, Imageshack, etc...)Someone posts an image in a Yuku group that is stored in their Yuku album, I copy the image location and post it in my own Yuku group, am I hotlinking?No you are not, because the image, in both cases, is stored on Yuku and you are using Yuku's bandwidth. However, we would suggest you ask the original poster of the image if it is all right to repost it in a different group.Also, when the image is stored in someone else's album, you don't have control over it. The holder of the album may delete it, causing the image to display as a red x.
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