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Yuku - Lefora - Forumer

About Me Section, how to edit

Account Activation Error

Account: Adding a secret question and answer

Account Settings

Account Validation Troubleshooting

Account vs Profile

Activity: Building an active forum

Adding recent posts button to your forum

Announcement: How to make an announcement

Anonymous Viewing

Anonymous viewing allow/disallow

Auto Titles

Banning an email address

Banning members

Banning non-members

Board owner manual

Design: Adding different colours to rows on front page (NEW UI)

Design: Borders on rows on front page (NEW UI)

Design: Changing background behind your category title

Design: Changing font colour for category titles

Design: Changing font colour of who's on line

Design: Changing font colour for active users

Design: Changing font for individual members

Design: Colouring  pager (NEW UI)

Design: Colouring quick reply box (NEW UI)

Design: Colour search input field in navigation bar (NEW UI)

Design: Colour the test ;Yuku' in the navigation bar (NEW UI)

Design: Stat box headers and links (NEW UI)

Editors: Switching post editors

Forum conversation starters

Friend Connections


HTML Boxes (Profiles)

Joining a Community

Labels (In case you wish to use a different language)

Law Enforcement


Members: Inviting members

Membership: Bookmarking communities

Membership: Keeping track of forums you have visited.

Membership: Leaving a community

Messaging: Mailing all members of your community

Messaging: Mailing all members via the clipboard

Messaging: Mailing select members via the clipboard

Portal / Home Page

Reporting an inappropriate ad

Restoring topics, replies, and forums

Security: Community security options

Security Log explained

Spam, how to deal with it

Stats of your community

Supporter Account

Support FAQs

Tapatalk FAQs

Topic ordering

Traffic for your forum

Transferring ownership of a board

Usernames, extension behind username


Account Activation

Activation email for forum

Active Topics - Viewing active topics

Activity: Building an active forum

Administrator: How to promote someone to admin

Ads - Registration ads

Anonymous User


Avatar: How to upload

Avatar Settings

Banning. How to ban a member

BBCodes, custom codes

BBCode list


Chat room

Colour: Username colour won't change

Deactivated / deleted forum

Domain Expirations

Domain offline after purchase

Domain Parking

Domain Tranfer to different registrar

Favicon / Logo

Forum conversation starters

Forums: How to create sections

Founder: Setting someone as founder

Group types

Guests: Preventing guests from viewing

Hide: Hiding yourself

Language: How to change it

Law Enforcement

Logged out / cookies

Logo / Favicon

Logo upload trouble

Mail: Mailing all members

Members: Deleting a member

Moderator: How to promote to Global Moderator

Mods - Modifications

Moving topics

Permissions and forum roles

Portal - iPortal

Post count, how to turn it off

Premium Service

Profanity filter

Profiles: Custom profile fields


Recovery Console

Registration Settings

Reporting a forum

Reporting an inappropriate ad

Shadow topic deletion

Shout box

Spam Prevention

Sticky topic

Subforum: How to create

Successful forum setup

Support FAQs

Themes, how to change

Themes, how to change default theme for guests

Tome Settings

Traffic for your forum

Unparking a domain


Username change

Utility Box

Videos: Posting youtube videos
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