Leaving a community

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November 21st, 2016, 3:44 am

How to leave a community

On boards that use the old UI, click on the navigation button at the top right of your screen while you are at a board. 


Click on Communities in the open navigation menu


On boards that use the new UI, click Panel in the navigation bar


When the panel opens up, click Communities


Click more / manage below your communities


4. A complete list of all your community  memberships will appear.  To remove your membership from any community, click the "Remove" button in the "Remove Membership" column. You won't have a remove button in the Remove Membership column for any communities that you own. 


Please note that removing your membership from a board's member list does not delete posts that you made at that board. 


If I remove my membership from a community, does my name disappear from my posts?
It does not, but if you have your Yuku account deleted entirely, it will disappear.

Can I have all my posts removed?
This is entirely up to the admins. They have no obligation to remove your posts. If you have posted personal information, however, you can contact the help desk and we will remove it for you. Personal information includes full name, full address, phone number, etc... 
"I am Mary from Ohio" is NOT personal information and will not be removed.
Your username is also NOT personal information and will not be removed.
Please contact a board admin first before you contact the help desk.

If I remove my membership, does my post count go to zero?
When you remove your membership, your post count remains what it was. BUT, if you later join the forum and start posting again, your post count will be reset to 0

Can you adjust my post count after I rejoin so that I can get back what I had before?
Adjusting post count is a very intricate process and takes time. The only times when we adjust post count is when the count was lost due to an issue on our end.

If I later rejoin the community that I left, what happens to my joined date?
Nothing happens to your original joined date, it will not change after you leave and come back, because it is the date you originally joined.

What if an admin deletes me?
All of the above answers apply, whether you delete yourself, or whether an admin deletes you.

If the post count resets in the community, will it also reset on my profile page?
It will not reset on your profile page. Your profile page shows the total amount of posts made on Yuku. It doesn't matter where you made them or where you removed your membership
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