need to change my "author"name

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Crystal View1
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Crystal View1.FreedomFromTo
On the WhyQuit Forum, when you click on my author name, my Yuku page is not formatted correctly!  I'm sure it was my doing when I first set up the profile.  "CRYSTAL VIEW 1.FREEDOM FROM TOBACCO QUICK SMOKING NOW" appears in all caps and giant!  It covers most of the top of the page and goes across into the "interesting facts about me" box.....I cannot figure out where to change it.  Can you please help?  Thanks

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Crystal on your profile page, click on Navigation ... then Edit Skins ..... and if you have more skins showing on that page, find the one that has "Active on these profiles" showing in the skin name.
Click on "edit html" and then scroll down to the "Advanced CSS" section.
In the Advanced CSS look for
.boxheading h1,  .boxheading h2
{font-size: 24px;
color: #666; } 
and change the font size there to 18px or smaller. :)