New profile limits, 10% discount on supporter purchases, and more.

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September 18th, 2015, 12:23 am

Hello everyone,
We're happy to announce a release this evening.  This release includes new profile limits, supporter account discounts, and a new promotion package.

New profile limits
Upon popular request, we have increased the amount of profiles you can have per account. Holders of supporter accounts can now enjoy a total of 12 (yes, twelve!) profiles per account (previously 3).
With this increase, we hope to make it easier on role players as well as on people who post with different profiles on multiple boards.

10% off on all supporter account purchases

To celebrate this release, we are offering 10% off on all supporter purchases for a limited time. Grab your supporter account now to enjoy the discount.
If you need a little help finding the supporter purchase screen, here is a tutorial: ... er-account

$19.99 promotion package

It has been requested to offer a promotion package at a lower price, and we're happy to do this.
Our $19.99 promotion package includes the following:

- One month ad-free or 30,000 ad-free pageviews Worth $6
- Two 6 month supporter accounts to any profile of your choice Worth $14 at the regular price
- Two million free chips at MegaFame Casino if you play it. If you don't play it, this may be a good time to check it out :) Worth: $7.98
- Promotion on both the Yuku facebook pages
- Link to your forum added at where you will be seen by targeted traffic. Worth: priceless.

Was: $27.98 Is: $19.99
Promotion packages can be purchased through

Your friends at Yuku

Yuku Team
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