New Style Profile Landing Pages & Html Boxes

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April 15th, 2017, 11:01 am

To be blunt here, I think this has gone on long enough.Due to
the fact that we can no long click to hide boxes from the front page of
our profile we can no longer use the html landing pages.When creating a landing page one is left with an html box on the front page of the profile.By
grabbing the links to created landing pages, we then used to click to
hide the html box and add the landing pages links to a blank html box
and create a navigation box into the various landing pages we might have
created.Now we can no longer hide the html box if we want to
create several landing pages as html pages we are left with several
obsolete boxes on our profile front page thereby making landing pages useless.Can someone actually fix it so we can once again hide boxes and not just delete them from our front page.It's
this sort of thing and other bugs, or features that have been removed
from the profiles that are not only causing people to stop actively
using their profiles but getting the idea that Yuku simply no longer
cares about the system.
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