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February 1st, 2013, 4:08 am

Welcome to the feedback forum.

The purpose of this forum is to collect feedback on existing and new features. Yuku is being improved for you and with you and we warmly invite you to offer your input.

We're realistic and we understand that not everyone will like every change that is made or every new feature that is implemented. Letting us know that you don't like a change is fine, just don't forget to tell us why you don't like it or why you think it could improve.

Likewise, if you like a change, let us know why you like it.

"I don't like the private message system because there is no forwarding option available in messages"

Not feedback:
" I hate the private message system"

Not feedback:
"Do I have to use the private message system?"

To ensure that no valuable feedback gets overlooked, posts that are not feedback will be removed without exception.
This is strictly a feedback forum. Questions about features can be asked in the help forums.

Yuku Team

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