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Support FAQs
Q: Where and how do I submit my tickets now?
A: If you are an admin, you can submit your tickets the same way you did before. The help links in the footer of the forum pages will lead the way. You can also submit a ticket via the main network support page at  for Yuku, for Lefora, and for Forumer.
If you are a member or visitor, you can email us directly. The email address can be found at the links above.

Q: Where did the knowledge base go?
A: The knowledge base has been moved to
Please note that some articles are being updated. They will be back soon.

Q: What happened to my old help desk account?
A: Once we are fully moved out of the old desk, all accounts will be deleted as they are no longer needed.

Q: Can I submit a ticket or send an email to see how it works?
A: Of course. You are welcome to do so.

Q: How do I keep track of my tickets?
A: Since all support requests will be in your email, you could make a folder to store the tickets in for later reference.

Q: I submitted a ticket / sent an email last week and never received a reply. How long does it take?
A: All tickets are replied to within 24 hours. Make sure to add our support email to your contacts list in your email, and check your spam folder for any replies that might have gone there. 

Q: It auto-fills my email when I submit a ticket while signed in, but I want to receive the replies to a different email, is that possible?
A: Sure thing. Just manually change the email address in the email field.

Q: How do I submit a ticket when a server is down? Will I be able to access the ticket submission page?
A: In case of downtime, you might not be able to access the ticket submission page. in case this happens, you can email us directly. I will list the emails here. Please add them to your email's address book.
For Yuku: [email protected]
For Lefora: [email protected]
For Forumer: [email protected]
For Freeforums: [email protected]
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