Transferring ownership of a community

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Transfer ownership of a community to another memberYou can transfer ownership of a board that you no longer wish to own by opening a Help Ticket.This is the information you should include in your ticket. 1) the url of the board 2) the profile url of the new owner. The url to the profile is better than just the name because identical names can be in the system. You want to be sure that ownership is transferred to the right person. 3) the answer to the secret question on the current owner account. If you haven't set a secret question yet, set it by clicking on 'account' in the top bar, or on the tools icon when you are in your profile page. You can set a secret question and answer on the resulting page.Can I have my board back after I transfer it to someone else?Once you transfer a board, it belongs to the person you request to have it transferred to. Whether you can take ownership back or not is entirely up to them.

Can I take ownership of a board when the original owner has abandoned it?
Yes, that is possible. We can contact the original owner on your behalf and request a transfer. Just submit a ticket with us to have the process started.

How long does an ownership transfer take?
It depends. If you own the board and request to have it transferred to someone else, it just takes a few hours (the time it takes to get a reply to your ticket).
If you are requesting ownership of a board that was abandoned by the owner, it may take up to 2 weeks.
Our support avenues are the support forum here and our desk which can be reached by sending an email to [email protected]
Please do not request support via private message. Thanks