Yuku's Summer Promotions

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Yuku Team
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August 8th, 2016, 4:25 pm

Hello everyone,
After our recent spring promotion, we are now launching a summer promotion. Don't miss out on the great deals!

1) We will continue the supporter promotion. First time supporter purchase can be made at $10.80 instead of $12 for one year, and $6.30 instead of 7 for 6 months.

How to purchase Yuku supporter:
- Old style profiles:
Click the account link in the navigation bar.
Click Yuku supporter in the blue bar on the resulting page.
Click the status tab to arrive at the purchase screen.

- New style profiles:
Go to your profile page and click the wrench icon in the navigation bar.
Click Forum (Just below settings)
Click Supporter -> Become a supporter.

The benefits of being a supporter are listed here:

Already have supporter but you'd like to 

2) Supporter Super Sale
Purchase a one-year supporter account for a friend, and get 6 months supporter added to your own account.
Please make sure to contact the help desk at http://help.yuku.com/support/tickets/new so that we can make the adjustments.

3) Start a gold board subscription in August and get one month free.
How it works: 
Purchase gold for your forum, checking the auto-renewal box.  Contact us at http://help.yuku.com/support/tickets/new to let us know you've started a subscription.
The extra month will be added the end of this year. If your board is on ad-free pageviews, the amount you have started a subscription for will be matched.

4) Promotion packages.
To find out more about our promotion packages, please read here:
Please make sure to contact our staff via the help desk when you purchase a promotion package. Adjustments will be made manually.

We hope everyone is enjoying summer to the fullest.

Yuku Team